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Northel was started in 1955 by 2 ex-military men. Because of the large number of personnel in concentrated small areas In the military they were charged with taking care of organic garbage and sewage waste. What they learned from the vast number of other military based personnel that were charged with the same garbage detail was to add a heavy concentration of bacteria (usually a yeast product mixed with a catalyst and warm water) to the organic waste and it produced a very powerful compost for reuse in gardens on military bases.This took care of two problems 1) adding nutrients to the soil for an enhanced garden and 2) getting rid of organic waste.

In 1955 they set up Northel, our septic tank reactivator company, to manufacture and distribute this highly effective organic digester. The company was sold in the early 60’s to an executive from a Minnesota Milling Co. who reorganized it to sell the organic digester as septic tank reactivator to home owners and wholesale to Septic Tank Pumpers and small local retail outlets. The primary motivation for Northel was to insure the homeowner used the organic eating bacteria on a regular 6 months basis. This was the start of the six month reminder service that gave homeowners with septic systems a reminder and warning to keep a constant supply of organic eating bacteria in their septic tank.

The company was run by him until the late 1970’s in a very manual way. In 1979 we purchased the company and computerized many of the operations. Early in the 1990’s our company Northel was combined with Septipro and we enhanced the septic tank reactivator product by adding powerful enzymes to our formula. Because of the additional enzymes the strength and speed with which the organic eating bacteria together with the enhanced enzyme catalyst the septic tank reactivator now selling under the name SEPTIPRO improved the product to such an extent it performs in an outstanding manner. Because of so many household products (anti bacterial soap, bleach, water softening salt, etc.) which are not conducive to a smooth operating septic system we also sell additional products that are not harmful to the organic digesting bacteria. It has been known for many years that bacteria has been the tool that is needed in your septic tank to break down the organic solids that build up in your septic tank over time.

Our SEPTIPRO product and 6 month reminder system is designed to keep you worry free from odors, septic backup, and septic tank maintenance issues on a regular basis. Our products not only keep you worry free but helps you to maintain a healthy septic system and promotes a cleaner, healthier sub terrain environment. With the earth requiring more and more water everyday it is important we each do what we can keep the water we get from the fragile earth as clean and fresh as possible. Our Northel products come with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. Since we have been in business since the mid 20 century we have thousands of satisfied customers.

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Tips that will help you maintain a healthy onsite sewage treatment system.

Use only biodegradable toilet paper.