SEPTIPRO® Septic Tank Treatment


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Available in 2lbs ($34.95), 4lbs ($49.95), 8lbs ($79.95)

Delay calling the septic tank pumper when you use Northel/Septipro!

All sewage systems rely on bacteria to run efficiently. Many products that you use around the home kill bacteria upon entering your sewage system. Every day items such as soaps or detergents rob your system of the bacteria it needs to decompose sewage and results in costly repairs.

The problem can be easily avoided by using SEPTIPRO® Organic Digester, which is a combination of concentrated bacteria and enzyme agents. SEPTIPRO® Organic Digester is easy and safe to use. It is non-poisonous and harmless to humans, animals, plants, plant life, plumbing fixtures, and drain pipes.

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  • Liquefies Waste
  • Controls Odor
  • Easy to Use
  • Harmless
  • Fast Action


  • Odors
  • Back Up
  • Overflowing
  • Clogging
  • Digging
  • Pumping

SEPTIPRO® Organic Digester, as its satisfied users attest, reactivates the sewage system with tremendous bacteria and enzymes.

For continued efficient operation use 2 pounds of SEPTIPRO® Organic Digester every six months.

Northel Distributors guarantee SEPTIPRO® and all other products sold by offering a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

When you buy SEPTIPRO® Organic Digester for your septic system your name is put on our Reminder Service List. Every 6 months you are mailed a reminder that it's time to add SEPTIPRO® to keep your septic system flowing smoothly and trouble free.

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Tips that will help you maintain a healthy onsite sewage treatment system.

Use less bleach and anti-bacterial cleaning agents.